38th Gene Key

Shadow: Struggle
Gift: Perseverance
Siddhi: Honor

The 38th Shadow: The Shadow of Struggle

A Fight Without Purpose

  • Aggression
  • Law of the survival of the fittest.
  • Deeply connected to individual health and well being.
  • Likes and needs a fight.
  • Disempowering
  • Stubborn persistence to fight, no matter what the outcome.
  • Destructive.
  • Gradually grind down the love within the relationship and the fighting actually becomes an addictive need.
  • Break the addictive patterns of struggle by simply taking a breath (pause/gap).  Transformation occurs in the gap.
  • Struggle is a pattern that locks you into a certain breath pattern that makes you totally forget yourself, as well as rendering you deaf to all outside influence.
  • The tighter you hang on to things, the more resistance you create.
  • Doesn’t think … if it feels in any way threatened, it reacts in an extremely aggressive manner without consideration of who might be hurt.
  • Can only be understood if viewed from the unconscious level … struggle maintains the illusion of your separate identity. As long as you fight, you can remain in control of your environment.
  • The unconscious fear of death prevents human beings from transcending their individuality.
  • Serve a goal beyond yourself.
  • Use life force in a creative way.
  • The whole energy of stubbornness and deafness results in a planet where most of the world still has to struggle to survive.
  • Struggle – struggle outwardly, struggle internally.
  • The stresses of living lives without a strong sense of purpose causes internal struggle!
  • Repressive Nature: Defeatist
  • Reactive Nature: Aggressive
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