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Are you ready to end your Weight Loss Struggle?

If diet programs worked it wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar industry and we would all be fit and healthy.  They don’t work because they are missing the key ingredient to success.

If you have the key all diets work (Keto Diet, Weight Watchers, Paleo). Your body wants to be in balance and healthy so what in the world keeps stopping you?  It is the programming code in your subconscious mind.

Weight Loss success happens when what you want to do, Conscious Mind, is synced with what your Subconscious Mind has stored in its database.  If your two minds aren’t in sync your Subconscious Mind will win (it runs 95% of your day). No amount of willpower or repetitious affirmations can break into the subconscious code and reprogram it.  The resistance you feel when starting any diet is a sign that your subconscious mind does NOT agree with what you want to accomplish.  Change does NOT have to be hard …

FUEL Success

I use a process called Psych-K® (Psychology and Kinesology) to investigate (I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I was young!) what is currently in your subconscious and then together we reprogram the disabling, self-sabotaging, and negative beliefs into statements that FUEL SUCCESS.  It is an easy, proven, and validated (backed by neuroscience) process that will literally amaze you and alter your life trajectory.  Note: some belief changes require tissues.  Once your subconscious is clear you will be able to accomplish anything your want easily because your Subconscious and Conscious minds will be working together as a team.

7 Step Weight Loss Success Program

Step 1:  Investigate Subconscious Beliefs
Step 2: Reprogram Limiting, Self-Sabotaging, Negative Beliefs
Step 3: Select Diet Program
Step 4: Select Goal Weight
Step 5: Program Goal Weight
Step 6: Follow-Up
Step 7: Celebrate

If you are ready to to end your weight loss struggle the Power Transformations 7 week program will help you accomplish your goals with ease and finesse. In today’s complex and chaotic world the true solutions are refined and simple.  Trust the simple solution and stop the struggle.

When your conscious and subconscious mind are in sync weight loss is easy!

Are you ready to power transform your body?  Contact Power Transformations Today!