Free Time Allows for Flow

There I was driving down the road today and it hit me.  I’d finished everything on my to-do list for the day, and it was only noon.  To most people having all Saturday afternoon free is heaven.  Apparently I’m not most people – I freaked out.  What the heck am I supposed to do for the next 11 hours?

I can’t just go home, maybe I’ll go to work, just for a few hours.  Then I can go home and do some school work.  Yeah, that’ll work.  Then it hit me, why am I freaking out because I have free time?  I actually started laughing driving down the road.   Doing nothing is perfectly OK, and if my friend heard the argument in my head she’d probably slap me (in a loving and supportive way).

You see, I have this habit of living as a human doing, not a human being.  Surely you know what I mean.  I’m so busy doing, doing, doing I never take time to be, and being is why we’re here.  Just taking time and letting things be.  Lets face it, we all need to chill the heck out!

So how did I end up spending my afternoon?  Ok, I’ll admit, I did help a friend (the one who keeps me in check) with a home repair, but after that, we spent the next few hours just hanging out.  Doing nothing, just being, talking, and enjoying each others company.   Then on my way home I stopped at a brew pub to write this article, and I was interrupted by actual conversation with total strangers.  We talked about life, things we’ve done and places we’ve been.  No really, actual conversation – with strangers!

What I thought would be a painful afternoon, ended up being really special.  Hanging with my tribe, making new friends, and just letting go of my need to control every waking minute of my day.

I don’t have a large circle of friends, but the ones I keep are special.  And I’m blessed to have dear friend (yep, the one mentioned above) who shares her grand babies with me.  Anytime you think you have to control everything, I suggest you go spend some time with a toddler or two.  They live in the NOW.   They’re not worried about what we’re going to do in two hours, or after dinner, to them life is what ever is occurring at this moment.

I’ve got to admit, I admire their abilities.  Oh sure, I may excell at things like full, intelligible sentences, or reaching things on a shelf, but I’d trade that in a heartbeat to be able to live in the NOW all the time.  God I love my Littles!  They are wiser than you realize, and so precious to behold!. And they remind us of how we could look at life, as human beings, just being – not doing.  There is no need to constantly strive for accomplishments.  It’s OK, just to be!

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