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Narcissist Recovery Program

Let me first start off by saying I am sorry for what you are going through.  I will never forget the pain, confusion, and heartbreak Mr. Wrong caused in my life.  I have healed from the trauma and am committed to guiding you along your recovery journey.

I consider these people as dangerous as serial killers.  They may physically murder you but they are a destructive force that leaves lives shattered.  They are agents of suffering … they shatter your self-esteem, confidence, finances, etc.  They literally suck the life out of YOU.

If you have any left after a relationship with one of them consider yourself lucky.  The gas lighting, deception, betrayal, lying, manipulation, … prior to solving my own mystery I had no idea just how awful these people are.  My last one was going to be my last one.  I made a commitment and I refused to allow myself to date until I had healed whatever was deep inside me that allowed me to get sucked into their web of destruction.  I went deep within myself, went back to school and received my PhD in Metaphysics (the subconscious mind), read every book on Narcissism I could find.  The key was uncovered after reading and watching Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief – It was in my subconscious MIND (the one that runs 95% of my day to day life, and I had to change it asap).  After a string of synchronicities I happily landed in a Psych-K® training class and rewrote all of the bad code.  You don’t have to spend years of your life pulling at strings trying to uncover the WHY of your narcissistic relationship.  Together we can do it quickly and safely with a proven technique that gets right to your source code (subconscious mind) and installs new code that will jump start your new life.

Are you ready to repair your reality and transform?  Contact me today to get started.