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Declarations of Prosperity & Abundance

Energy of money is surrounding my being
I hold a mindset of abundance and success
I feel appreciation and respect towards money
Money is a tool that serves me greatly whenever I need and want
I allow money to flow easily into my life at all times
I open the energetic channels for money and abundance to come in
Money enables me complete freedom and independence
Money enables me to give to and help others
I vibrate the frequencies of abundance, prosperity and wealth
I guide my subconscious mind to magnetize money and success
I deserve to live a rich lifestyle and enjoy the good life
It’s my natural right to have lots of money, means, and resources
My subconscious thoughts regarding money are full of positivity and appreciation
My positive thoughts about money lead me to attract it more and more
I feel gratitude towards the money and success I already have now
Money, abundance, and prosperity flow naturally into my life, all day every day
I feel blessed to live my life
I feel genuine gratitude for all I have got, for all I have achieved
I am deeply thankful for my life and for who I am
I feel such a strong appreciation for the money and wealth I already have now
A divine energy is sending me an enormous abundance at all times
Money and prosperity flow to me and through me
I am a giving person; I love to share my money with the world
I am an energetic being that invites money naturally, freely and easily
I was born to be rich; I was born to live well
Life is supposed to be good for me; Life is great
My life is wonderful and I feel blessed to live my life abundantly
It’s my natural right to live in prosperity and experience the pleasure of life
My mind is wired to magnetize more and more abundance into my life
I easily attract opportunities and people who push me to succeed
Success comes freely to me; abundance is an integral part of my life
My soul channel is opening and allowing infinite abundance to flow in
I am a winner, I think like a winner and behave like a winner in everyday life (4/25/2018)
Success comes naturally to me
Multiple incomes reach my life
Magnetizing money is what I do on a daily basis
Money comes so easily and frequently into my life
I surround myself with successful people
Every day that goes by I make more and more money
My income is growing constantly
It’s OK to have inspirations when it comes to making money
I think like a millionaire
I act in a way that leads me to earn lots of money
Creative ideas of how to make a good amount of money flow to me all the time
With every breath, I inhale the energy of prosperity and abundance
With every breath, I exhale tension and fear
I believe in myself and my enormous capability to be a successful person
I have a burning passion within to become a millionaire and to make money
I always take a positive approach when it comes to money
I believe that the universe is abundant and anybody can choose to be a millionaire
I believe in abundance and the flow of money into my life
I invite lots of money and allow it to enter easily into my life
I feel wealthy, lucky and abundant right now
I feel so lucky and thankful for any income I have right now
I love money, and money loves me
I bring value to many people and the universe rewards me greatly
I know I deserve to be rich and free
I believe in myself and my abilities to become a millionaire
There is enough abundance and money for everyone
I guide my subconscious to bring me a sea of opportunities to make tons of money
I am committed to myself and my success and I reach my goals easily
Money is an energy that is flowing freely and openly to everybody in the universe (4/25/2018)
Every human living can manifest abundance, money and success
Money is a free source that I attract easily into my life
My bank account is filling up with money that is flowing to me all the time
I create and implement good ideas that bring me money
I convert my ideas into money and success
My thinking process is full of creativity
I am a natural money magnet
I perceive past mistakes as lessons and learn a better, more successful way in the present
Money flows to me from different sources every day
I release limiting beliefs about money
I embrace good feelings and thoughts about money
I deeply feel I can achieve anything I put my mind to
I am a goal getter
With every breath, I inhale positive and abundant energy
With every breath, I exhale stress and limiting beliefs about money
I am patient and willing to act as long as it takes until I reach my goal
I perfectly manage my financial system
I am good at saving lots of money
I am smart with my money
It feels good to save my money
I perfectly balance between spending and saving
I enjoy spending money on things in a responsible matter
I am in complete control of my money
There is a harmonious flow of money coming in and out
I am grateful for my growing savings account
It’s ok to keep to myself some of my income
Saving money comes easily to me
It’s ok to spend money and it’s ok to save it
I always have enough money to spend and to save
The universe is a constant supplier of my wealth
Money flows easily to me
I save money from a joyful state
Money is always manifested in my reality
I always have enough money in my savings account
I am so grateful that I always have enough money
Money flows naturally to my experience
My savings account is growing and growing every day
I am grateful for my spending and my savings
I am always in alignment with spending and saving money
All money I spend comes back to me multiplied
I easily manage my money wisely
I’m very excited about saving money
I am very generous with money