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Self Empowerment Program

Are you suffering from Low Self Esteem?  Lack in Self-Love?

This program will help you build your Inner Muscles … Self Belief, Self Esteem, Self Confidence, and Self Trust.

If you answered yes, you are in the majority. Low self-esteem is a widespread problem (crisis) and infects all levels of society regardless of age, income bracket or celebrity status.  Don’t assume that someone who is rich has healthy self-esteem (inner-power) because often times they are as unsure of themselves as you are (faux-power = force).  The hunger that drives people for more, more, more could easily be filled with a nutritious dose of self-esteem.  We aren’t meant to live in a consumer society lacking creativity, joy, and happiness … and it is killing us.  If you aren’t evolving (growing) you are dying.  Don’t leave this world with your music still inside you.  Start your journey to self-empowerment today.

Increasing your self-esteem will change your life and start moving you on the path to growth / evolution while alleviating even more serious problems that could arise in the future.

Low Self-Esteem can cause …

  • anxiety, stress, loneliness
  • relationship problems
  • low and/or unsatisfactory job and academic performance
  • underachievement
  • increased vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse
  • increased likelihood of depression

Self-Esteem can affect EVERY single area of your life!

Key to Happiness: Elevate YOUR Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem, in my opinion, is a crisis affecting the fabric of our entire planet. People with high self-esteem regard all human life as important.  Today that is clearly not the “norm”.  By raising your Self-Esteem everything in your life will change (for the better) and you will become a beacon of inspiration for everyone you come in contact with. How wonderful is that?!

“The capacity to finesse genius can be learned, though often only through painful surrender, when the phoenix of genius arises out of the ashes of despair after a fruitless struggle with the unsolvable. Out of defeat comes victory; out of failure, success; and out of humbling, true self-esteem.” ~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, Power Versus Force

I struggled with low self-esteem issues off and on my entire life. I have no doubt that it was partially because of my dysfunctional childhood and then later reinforced during school and adult hood. At 50 years old I entered a full blown Dark Night of the Soul (it was a gift in disguise) that lead me down a path of self-discovery that was the most important adventure of my life; it was bumpy, it was dark, it was smooth, it was light and everything in-between. The most important take away I got from the whole wild ride was to “Know Thyself” is the key to traveling in this world with a wide open heart filled with optimism and love. Until you go in, you will never truly succeed out there.

After completing the program you will …

  • Learn to love and respect yourself; Get respect from others
  • Tune into your authentic self
  • Feel free to bring out your talents without fear
  • Finally let go of what others think of you
  • Feel more happy and content

Are you ready to commit to self improvement, increase self-esteem and totally transform your life?  Contact Power Transformations today.