We Belong to the Light

We Belong to the Light by Matt Kahn: Notes

Holiday’s are human Holy Days. In different traditions, ethnicities and parts of the world we are celebrating the Light (conscious or not). This is amplifying the frequency of the planet.

Holiday’s of One or Many. You always belong to the light. The light is always within you.

The contemplation of light. Being the light, or knowing the worthiness that you always belong to the light, is a matter of exposing yourself to the light and getting to know it. The light always is here supporting and serving you and simply waits for you to be as interested in knowing it the way it is always interested in knowing you. The light is always here for you. It is a consciousness flowing through a current of vibration flowing through silence it easy to move past in our fast paced world.

Heal the CORE of Unworthiness (dormant to activated light). If you aren’t plugged in the brightness can’t be know. Plug in and shine consciously. Be the divine actually not conceptually.

Global Awakening. Spiritually Educated. Learning a brand new path of evolution, integration, and embodiment.

Ascension, Global Awakening, the return and balancing out of the Divine Feminine with the Heavenly Masculine. To bring both aspects within each human being into conscious cooperation. When balance and order is restored in you, you can contribute balance and order to the world.

Wisdom of the 3rd Dimension (planet and consciousness). Where the planet is going: 5th dimension. 4th dimension (time), the time it takes to go from 3rd to 5th. Individuals of dense matter – to – living expressions of celestial light. Causes a lot of tension along the way. The objective is to lighten up (so much tension getting there).  Let the dense matter become celestial light. 5th dimension is all about Heart Centered Consciousness, 3rd dimension is awakening the cosmic mind – see a bigger spiritual play occurring in life – find greater meaning in life – you have to go 3rd before going 4th or 5th – everything is an ever expanding trajectory – everything based on awakening the consciousness of mind – revelation, viewpoint, limiting ways I saw things, graduate out of 3rd – awakening mind masculine, Heart Wisdom – awakening heart feminine (how things feel, what resonates with me, what am I passionate about,  what brings me excitement.

The Journey from the Awakened Mind to the Awakened Heart we pass through two points, the opening of the 3rd eye and the clearing of the throat.

3rd Dimension: Awakening of the Mind

4th Dimension: Opening of the 3rd Eye (spend periods of time in training with the harmony of silence – be still and listen), Clearing of the Throat (engage in the gift of self expression – make noise), Law of Polarity (balance of opposites). Merges these 2 opposites together. Life will do it for you: we are going to put you in situations you won’t have to be still you are going to be forced to be still (meditation). When you want to sit still your ego is in charge of doing it right. Meditation by choice is preparation. Life will ground you and force you to be still. Like an Earthquake drill, the real thing is much different. You have to understand what life is doing. When you are put in a situation where you can’t move forward (broken leg, on the couch, Be Still and Know that the stillness is an initiation into higher consciousness).

Throat: we are going to put people in your life who are going to act in a way that forces you to eventually to say what you need to say. Until the people-pleaser in you is ready to explode. All this is an initiation. The wisdom of the awakening heart – blueprint.

5th Dimension: Awakening of the Heart

Everything you desire is contingent upon anything you want to be different in your life right now. Emotion. Life says whatever emotion you want to feel more of you are going to get. It may not come with the things you desire and have attached to those feelings.

Spiritual Hypnosis – I can’t feel the way I want to feel until the things I want come and the things I dislike go. That is TRAP. That will lead you to some very outdated spiritual teachings. Things I don’t have come to me. Spiritual busy work. Living out some form of superstition. You have to overcome the darkness. The light says – come as you are.

Take a moment and just feel. A moment of authentic feeling, not preoccupied with what you wish you feel. Come as you are. Be as you wish. Feel it now. You belong to the light.

Potholes, Imbalances – caught in. Too much awakened mind, not enough awakened heart. Lack finesse, grace, empathy. Lots of mind, not a lot of heart. All about the heart – not that interesting.

We are all the awakening Christ. We are the one in all. The first coming was singular. Me becomes we (Flip the M). All of us are going through the trials and tribulations of our mastery, our own expanding consciousness. Every single thing that is happening to us is an initiation and a part of our awakening. Every step of your awakening is freeing the planet of unconsciousness whether you can see it or not. The only thing that keeps of us from seeing the progress that we are participating in are the beliefs we haven’t cleared out of the way. The more time we spend in the light, the less these beliefs limit us and the more we can actually see how far we have come and how we are participating in the world.

Every single thing that you do is contributing to this planet and other worlds you can’t even see.

Heart Centered Consciousness – bring the mind and heart together (a much deeper truth).

Who are you working for? Work for the LIGHT.

Next 2 years: a split. 3 basic lanes in human evolution (this is already happening right now). The 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave of ascension. The whole game is to try to get the world to go to sleep. You have the power to stay awake.

1st Wave of Ascension: Those born into a spiritual impulse, anchoring the light under all circumstances no matter what, stand for the light. We are not the ones that hurt people, we are the ones that get hurt by people, we are the sensitive ones. Committed.

2nd Wave of Ascension:  Those that have spiritual awareness but on an impulse level are still acting out conditioning. People who believe that a new spiritual paradigm can only occur under radical social justice (not wrong). This time in history is different. Peaceful loving action. Bring about a change with a limited amount of destruction. Supported energetically by the 1st WOA. The belief that we have to meet fire with fire (retaliation energy) – repeating the past. Opportunity – redefine the past, deeper positive, peaceful, organized, loving manner. Stand for what you are for not what you are against without breaking a single civic rule. Rules show alignment. How can I stand for what I am for? Without being unlawful in any way. Choose the light instead of fighting the polarity.

3rd Wave of Ascension: Get the spiritual impulse one of these days. Instead of merging with the light of consciousness. Further seduced into unconsciousness. Emerging with technology. Technology zombies – addicted to their phones, they will want to be merged with their technology. Artificial Intelligence. Technology is GOD. EMF addiction. If everyone does it, it is a socially accepted thing. Shut down, suppressed. The only thing we can be suppressed by are our choices. They can wake up to life beyond the computer screen. Reality has the highest resolution. Wake up to a life of balance: get out of house, walk in nature, use our words, listen – human stuff. Spiritual Path: Adulting.

No airy fairy. Real, tangible, experience truth within you now to accomplish what is really happening on this planet. No superstitions.

Adversity and Illness – life is trying to obliterate you of your limiting beliefs. Unconditional love is present. Love for yourself, Joy in your heart, completely free no matter how much physical pain you are in. Spend time opening to the goodness of your true self. Illness: Courage.

I can’t be loved. I can’t feel worthy. I can’t be the light. I can’t feel good … when I am like this. You can but it requires YOU to change. Illness: physical, emotional, mental, abuse, abandoned, rejected. You do not need to resolve a single ounce of that pain or trauma to know you are the light. Come as you are, be as you wish, feel it now. Sit in the contemplation of I don’t know how liberation, love and joy is totally present in me with all the things I hate facing. Let that truth seep in … that is what meditation really is (it isn’t about silencing the mind) it is about sitting in the TRUTH and letting it dawn in you.

Theme: obliterating the belief that you have to fix or overcome something in order to have something else you want. You need direct access and the willingness to align with and get to know that which is already within you. Activating your light, moving from 3d teachings (awakening the Cosmic Mind) to 5d teachings (awakening of the Cosmic Heart Energy),

Fixation: in order to feel better in any moment or area of your life I have to figure out what this means. You slip on a banana peel, someone betrays you – what does this mean? You become fixated.

3d – What does this mean?
5d – What do I need right now?

Our gift is embodiment, integration, anchoring.

Initiation – you manifest people who are testing what can pull you out of the light. What pulls you out of the light pulls you into someone else’s experience. You can just be their companion and not be pulled into it.

The light is the companion to pain. Pains job is to surrender.

Mastery: Getting to know the light, learning how to anchor it, learning how to stay in the light no matter how convincingly someone is passionately in the dark.

Question: Can someones insistence on victim-hood and vengeance, anger and sadness cause you to become so unworthy that you step out of your light and swim in their pain. Then life will pull us out return you to the light, beloved lets try again.

These high level masters who are sent your way to test your skills – vibration of family (angels in disguise).

Only we need to see ourselves the way we are.

If other people don’t see your light it is because they don’t know their light.

If you see the light in other people you are only seeing your light in them.

Mirror: you are the light that reflects truth into reality.

Other peoples pain doesn’t reflect your pain.

Hold space. 1:01:42

Don’t be an enabler to some else’s abuse.

Be soft and gentle (Siddhi of Tenderness GK), hold space for other people. Show other people compassion. Help set other people up for success by showing them how we want to be treated by them by how we treat them.

That isn’t Judgement it is alignment. Discernment not co-dependent.

Were you courageous? Where you discerning? Where you compassionate? You can be all those things and still not be the character other people want you to be.

Deaths in family. Relationship death. A bunch of people in your lift are betraying you. I lost all my friends. All for love. In order to release attachments to the old you the relationships connected to the old you wither away. Let life do it. Life will move away from you what will actually loosen the attachment of who you used to be to make space the rebirth of who you are going to be. You will be stripped of all the things you know, all of your reference points, all the things that make you bound to who you used to be and you will go through four complete stages in no particular order – Ego Un-Ravelment: loneliness, confusion, frustration (boredom), pain.  These are the trials and tribulations of awakening. Deep spiritual journey – lots of change, lots of death, lots of unraveling. This is your vision quest.

I can’t be free/happy until I get rid of all this boredom, confusion, sadness and pain. This will keep you in an endless cycle of self-help. Open your mind and heart to the true initiation occurring within you. It might feel like everything in your life is being flipped upside down. Turn things upside down to see things right side up. Instead of asking what does this mean ask yourself what do I need.

Begin to temper the ever contemplative mind into the nurturing radiant perfection of an awakening heart. As these two opposites come together a doorway to the 5d opens within you. Where you are rooted in the Silence and able to see a bigger vision in any moment and know why you are there and what life asks of you. Participating in your life, using your voice, to bring your light and the frequency of your soul into the moment to heal and liberate others.

Be the light that welcomes everyone home.

Open the doorway of heaven (your heart), come as you are, be as you wish, feel it now.

This is the redemption of all sensitive beings. Humanities redemption. Light bearers tasting this first. Experience a lot more flow. Reality that serves you as the master you are, not the busy work. Start serving the world as masters, not working hard as students. Auspicious, miraculous, fulfilling. (Student – Teacher/Master)

Over the next two years things will become obvious.

Ascension – boarding the plane first. Watch everyone else board the plane. Zone 1. Haha. First on, first off. First wave of ascension we boarded the plane first. The other two waves of ascension know it is safe to enter the light. We are showing these other waves the light is the light of rebirth and renewal. We are showing other beings it is safe to crossover into the afterlife without needing to ditch your body. There is no death, only new beginnings.


Listen with engaged interest. Help people heal by listening.

What if the ability to anchor light is only as deep and as powerful as our natural interest in hearing others?

The more we take the time to hear others the more we feel heard whether we share or not.

EMF Frequencies, Halogen Lights, Florescent Light – as you become self actualized you naturally become the disrupter of technology. Energy of a human being is a powerful frequency, become immune to EMF overload, more dominate than technology. Some merge with technology and fall asleep. At some point your food sensitivities, energetic sensitivies will go away. Energy – Gold/White, Christed Light. We are the solution to the problems in view.

Start with entry point: we belong to the light, the light belongs to us, we belong together, we are one.

(I AM of the light, with the light, within the light)

Take whatever spiritual plan you have for yourself and throw it away.

When your psychic senses are open you are sensing the light.

The most innate form the light takes primarily, that is always here to be recognized and felt is Breath (another word for light), you belong to the breath and the breath belongs to you, inhale (inhale of birth, welcoming the new, clarity, renewal), exhale (letting go of the old, erosion, death) – Birth + Death = Breath (both birth and death as one). The light lives forever within you as the evolution of your death. When you are aligned with your breath, aligned breath means aligned thoughts, aligned perceptions, aligned beliefs, aligned words, aligned feelings. Right speech, right thought, right action. Right breath creates right speech, thought, action.

Just taking one breath in and out is SELF LOVE. To breath with yourself is to love yourself. When you feel the most unloved by others you are forgetting to breath.

It only looks like it is getting worse because we are watching the erosion of the old. We are tracking and welcoming the new. It depends on what you are looking at (perspective). Feel the vibration. You are able to bring into you whatever you are ready to receive. Will you take the time to receive? Even if it took an entire lifetime.

What you really want is to be a part of life. When you belong to the light you not just a part of life you are life and all of it’s infinite parts. Each part, another extension of your own eternal soul, molded, shaped and decorated as a different individual. We are all different, we are all one, we are all unique. We don’t have to be the same! But we all belong to the light, no matter who we are, no matter the cards we are dealt, no matter the choices we make.

Hold the door open for others (door of your heart), cracked wide open, … be the Bermuda triangle of light, open up and shine, and let people make it their choice.

When you are co-dependent you need other people to enter the light so you can feel relief. When you are liberated you are already free letting other people enter on the whim of their DESIRE.

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