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Power Transformation Programs

Regardless of where you are in life, investing your resources in improving yourself is PRICELESS.  The most important thing you can do to help the planet is raise YOUR consciousness and live with an open heart.  Most of you will be meeting the real you for the first time in your adult life.  Once all the Inner Clutter (disabling beliefs) are removed you will realize you are utterly AMAZING.  “Learning to Love Yourself is the greatest gift of all.”

By investing in your evolution and transformation you foster the most important relationship you have in this world — the relationship you have with yourself.  After decades of the search for self I have the knowledge, tools and experience to quicken your journey to destination: happy, loving, joy filled life.  Remember life is an Adventure, start yours today.

We Belong to the Light

We Belong to the Light by Matt Kahn: Notes Holiday's are human Holy Days. In different traditions, ethnicities and parts of the world we are celebrating the Light (conscious or not). This is amplifying the frequency of the planet. Holiday's of One or Many. You always belong to the light. The light is always within you. The contemplation of light. Being the light, or knowing the worthiness that you always belong to the light, is a matter of exposing yourself to the light and getting to know it. The light always is here supporting and serving you and simply waits for you to be as interested in knowing it the way it is always interested in knowing you. The light is always here for you. It is a consciousness flowing through a current of vibration flowing through silence it easy to move past in our fast paced world. Heal the CORE of Unworthiness (dormant to activated light). If you aren't plugged in the brightness can't be know. Plug in and shine consciously. Be the divine actually not conceptually. Global Awakening. Spiritually Educated. Learning a brand new path of evolution, integration, and embodiment. Ascension, Global Awakening, the return and balancing [...]

Did you know that your subconscious mind controls 95% of your day? Everything you have ever seen, heard, said, or done is stored there waiting to be retrieved. You have the ability to alter your subconscious mind and remove all the bad programming (self-sabbotage, self-doubt, lack, etc.). Call me for a free consultation to see if my services and your goals are a good fit.

Conscious Mind (10%)

Processes 40 bits of data per second.

Will Power
Long Term Memory
Logical Thinking
Critical Thinking

Subconscious Mind (90%)

Processes 40 million bits of data per second.

Protective Reactions
Long Term Memory

Declarations of Empowerment